Christian Goldberg

Christian Goldberg

Christian Goldberg

Christian Goldberg is a competitive kettlebell sport athlete and Shiatsu bodywork therapist. She has certifications to teach kettlebell sport from IKFF, OKC and IKSFA. A life-long stretcher and self-care practitioner, Christian has a unique blend of skills to share.

Bodywork Practice
1999 – Present: Shiatsu practice, Boulder area, Front Range and Crestone, CO.
Office: Bodywork Bistro, three locations in Boulder, CO.
Shiatsu Education and Complimentary Bodywork Training
1996 – 97: Diploma Practitioner of Shiatsu and Sotai, 654.0 credit hours, Boston Shiatsu School, Cambridge, MA. Headmaster Kikuko Zutrau Miyazaki
2001: Thai Massage, 5-day course, Bahn Nit, Chang Mai, Thailand. Master Mama Nit
2003: Reiki 1 – Master Attunement, Boulder, CO. N. Volmerhausen and S. Butler
2003 – 2008: Raindrop Technique, essential oil/massage treatment, Crestone, CO
2011 – 12: HeartMind Shiatsu, Basic & Advanced Training, Boulder, CO. M. Sweigart
2013: Midwest Shiatsu Symposium, ZenShiatsu Chicago, Evanston,IL. Steve Rogne
2013: The Breema Touch, Sunday training sessions & 2-day intensive, Boulder, CO.
Instructors Alexandra Johnson, Jamie Lam and Laura Rawson
2014: Healing the Joints, training with Lindy Ferrigno, Evanston, IL
2015: Lymphatic Drainage and Visceral Manipulation, Lindy Ferrigno, Evanston, IL

Teaching Experience
2009 – 11: Beginning to intermediate Ki-Aikido teaching rotation, Boulder, CO
2009 – 11: Created ongoing Kettlebell Fitness Class, Body Balance Gym, Boulder, CO
2013: Created Self-Made Self-Care, 3-day workshop, Bodywork Bistro, Boulder, CO
2011 – 2014: Assistant instructor for IKFF Levels 1 & 2, Lakewood, CO
2013: Assistant Instructor for IKSFA Level 1, Randolph, NJ
2014 – present: Co-founded Longmont Kettlebell Club, Longmont, CO
2015: Created Chair Massage Clinic for therapists at Bodywork Bistro, Boulder, CO

Athletic certification and rank awards
2000 – 2012: Nidan and Assistant Ki Lecturer, Ki-Aikido
2009 – 12: Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Levels 1 & 2, IKFF and IKSFA
2013: Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Orange Kettlebell Club, Berkeley, CA

Best Results in Kettlebell Sport
Biathlon: 20kg Jerk 154 rep. + Snatch 120 rep., IKFF Chicago Classic 2014
Master of Sport rank, Awarded Best Female Lifter, Coach Sergey Rudnev
OALong Cycle: 24kg 96 repetitions, IUKL/AKA Texas Open KB Championship 2015
Master of Sport rank, Coach Sergey Rudnev
Snatch Only: 20kg 154 repetitions, IUKL/AKA USA Nationals Championship 2015
Candidate for Master of Sport rank, Coach Sergey Rudnev
Long Cycle: 16+16kg 81 repetitions, IKFF NW Kettlebell Championship 2015
Advanced Class Rank 1, Best Female Lifter TALC, Coach N.Doyle and Sergey Rudnev

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