Sara Moore

Sara Moore

Sara Moore

Sara has more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, with expertise in hotel operations, leadership development, human resources and learning delivery. She has held leadership positions in nine hotels, served on Marriott’s National Training Cadre, and has participated in multiple Marriott hotel acquisitions across the country.

In the last decade, Sara found a way to integrate her original passion – health and fitness – into her life as an athlete and as a coach. With a BS degree in Health Science and Policy and a background in track and field, Sara has never strayed far from the gym. In 2008, her Strength and Conditioning Coach introduced her to kettlebell lifting, igniting a fire in her which still burns bright. She began preparing for her first competition at the Arnold Fitness Festival in March 2009. Since then, she has competed in dozens of competitions, achieving rank with the former WKC, IKSFA, IKFF, KetAcademy, IUKL and AKA.

Some of her more notable competitions include:

  • March 2012 NY Championship (IKSFA): 16kg Biathlon, 58kg, CMS, Best overall Female lifter
  • November 2012 IKFF Nationals: 20kg Snatch, 58kg, CMS professional
  • April 2013 NY Championship (IKSFA): 20kg snatch, 58kg, CMS professional and Best Overall Female lifter
  • August 2013 OKC California Open: 20kg snatch, 58kg, Rank 1
  • September 2013 AKA/IUKL USA Nationals: 24kg snatch, 63kg, 1st place
  • May 2015 AKA NY Open: 16kg snatch, 63kg, 1st place

In an effort to learn as much about GS as possible, she achieved instructor certifications with WKC, IKSFA (level 1 and 2), and IKFF. She has trained extensively with Sergey Rudnev, her current Coach, Kseniya Dedukhina, as well as Sergei Merkulin, Sergey Rachinskiy, and Ivan Denisov. Most recently, she went to Chelyabinsk, Russia to train with Kseniya and learn more about the culture of kettlebell sport in that region.

Sara is a kettlebell instructor at Underground Athlete in Fairfax, Virginia. She facilitates group classes, co-coaches the UA Kettlebell team, and does distance coaching. Her passion for seeing others grow and develop in this sport is what brings her the most joy and satisfaction.

Original Photo: Claire Davies
Photo Edit: Nazofoto